Projected Wetlands



backpack, flexible solar panel, lithium- ion battery, air pump, glass jug and dye made from urine and crushed lichen (Umbilicaria Mammulata species), rubber tubing, fuel tank outfitted with ultra- sonic fogger, water, collected granite and transplanted samples of Umbilicaria lichen, aluminum tripod and custom poles, hand-dyed silk, Mylar emergency blankets, reflective cord, custom data logging equipment: air quality sensors, Arduino, custom electronics, paper, pen, hand-made ink processed from lichen dye batch; hand-drawn replicas of Keuffel & Esser isometric orthographic paper, drawings on wall, and various tools.


dimensions variable


The system relies on sunlight available in the space it occupies to power its kinetic elements, which include an an air pump providing oxygen to a batch of lichen dye , a fog machine feeding water to a sample of living lichen, and a device which records the local air quality on a rotating paper drum.